1. Green Lane Crossing – Petition

    Surrey County Council says:

    Your petition has been approved, and is now available on the website at the following address:


    Your petition reads:

    We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to support the retention and improvement of the railway line crossing between Green Lane and Links Road, Ashtead.

    The Green Lane footpath crossing over the railway line has been in use consistently and openly as a public path since the advent of the railway in 1856 and Network Rail’s own website describes this crossing as a ‘Public Footpath Crossing’.

    Surrey County Council’s own Definitive Map shows this crossing as a Public Footpath. This crossing is used by an average of over 230 people a day, in excess of 1600 per week, amounting to over 80,000 crossings every year, figures which indicate the importance of this crossing to local residents.  There has not been a serious accident here since 1967, a remarkable fact given the frequency of trains and that in the intervening 50 years, millions of pedestrians have responsibly and safely traversed the track. Given the extraordinarily high level of pedestrian usage and the unusual geographical predicament of the ‘landlocked’ residents to the north of the crossing who are isolated by the railway tracks, this public footpath crossing is a vital link for cyclists and pedestrians to local shops, schools, and bus routes, while many residents south of the crossing use it to access the common for recreation.

    Please sign it folks (I’ll be checking!) and spread the word.

    I should point out that the rules say one signature per email address.