1. Re-Surfacing of Ottways Lane & Grange Road

    Surrey Highways have recently informed County Councillor Chris Townsend that both Ottways Lane and Grange Road will be re-surfaced this Summer 2011. The work will be done during the School holidays; when more detail is known about dates etc. residents will be notified. Also being introduced in Ottways Lane will be a ‘Pinch Point’ – ie. a narrowing of the road at the location of the Old Cottage by widening the pavement to ensure that only one car can pass at a time. There will be Red and Black arrow signs positioned appropriately to notify drivers of the priorities, plus other signs positioned at specific points to ensure that Coaches/Buses/Lorries etc. will know that they cannot pass through at that point. This should provide a reduction in traffic speed in Ottways Lane, something residents have been after for some time.

    The costs for this work are coming out of Surrey Highways Funds, both these roads being designated as ‘high priority’ by Cllr. Townsend. This money is in no way associated with the Parsons Mead development. The Infrastructure funds that the developer has had to provide for that development are therefore available for use locally. Two suggestions have been made so far, one being to sort out flooding issues in the area and the second to potentially provide ‘intelligent’ signage at the corner of Ottways Lane and Grange Road to alleviate traffic congestion/flow. Any further ideas/thoughts are very welcome.

  2. Election in Ashtead Village Ward

    We are very pleased to announce that JOHN BUSBY will be standing as an Ashtead Independent for election to Mole Valley District Council on 5 May as one of the representatives for Ashtead Village Ward, joining Simon Ling.

    John moved to Ashtead in 2006 and has a young family. He is an active committee member of the Ashtead Residents’ Association and is committed to maintaining Ashtead’s village character, and has been concerned recently in the creation of a web-based hub for local issues to be discussed to drive improvements of services and opportunities in Ashtead.

    John and his canvassing team will be knocking on every door in Village Ward over the next few weeks until 5 May.  Look out for his election leaflet and don’t hesitate to question John or any member of the team on any issue relevant to Mole Valley District Council which is important to you.  If you would like to be sure of speaking to John personally please contact any one of us through this website. 

    John believes that more than ever Independent Councillors are needed to ensure that party politics do not triumph over local interests and common sense. National party politics have little relevance to local affairs which should be in the hands of local residents serving only local interests.

    The other candidates are Bob Cane (UKIP), Chris Hunt (the Conservative Party Candidate) and Clive George Scott (the Labour Party Candidate).

  3. The Alternative Vote Referendum

    Although the only election in Ashtead on 5 May this year is the one in Village Ward for Mole Valley District Council, residents throughout Ashtead will be going to the polls on that day because there is a nationwide referendum to decide whether our voting system for Parliamentary elections should be changed.  This decision will not affect local elections, and so although Ashtead Independents recognise the importance of the issue, and each of us has our own view on the matter, we are not expressing any group view on it.  We do encourage all residents to consider the question carefully, make up your own minds, and vote on 5 May.  A government leaflet is being circulated explaining how the proposed new system, known as the Alternative Vote (or AV), will work and how it differs from the present system known as “First Past the Post”.

    To help you, here are some of the arguments for and against the new system:

    FOR AV:

    1       Under our present system a candidate can win even though more than half of those voting have chosen somebody else.

    2       Fewer votes are wasted, because votes for losing candidates are discarded in favour of the second (and later) preferences of those voting for them.

    3       It may produce an overall result closer to the proportion of support for each major party.

    4       It may reduce the extent of tactical voting (that is voting for a candidate who is not your first choice in order to defeat another).


    1       It is more complicated, and will take longer to produce a result.

    2      It compromises the ideal of ONE PERSON ONE VOTE.

    3      Elections will be decided on the basis of the lowest preferences of those voting for the least successful candidates.

    4       It may lead to more frequent coalitions and less stable governments.

    If you would like to advance any other arguments either for or against AV – please let us know and we will post them here!

  4. Refreshment stall proposal for the Recreation Ground

    As a result of this consultation and in the light of the comments received, Councillor Chris Reynolds, the Portfolio Holder for the Environment, has agreed that this application will not proceed.  Thank you to all who responded to our request for views.

    Comments are invited urgently on a proposal currently being considered.

     The Council has received an approach from a catering company who wish to have a licence to operate a refreshment stall and/or an ice cream van on the recreation ground.  The Council often receives requests for such a facility on the site and there is no doubt it would be a popular amenity for users of the Recreation ground. 

    The proposed terms are for a daily service, between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm, the vehicles to be removed overnight. They would be located adjacent to the tennis courts in the corner of that section of the ground nearest the football pitches, which is currently unused.

     The advantages apart from the extra amenity are a small additional income to the council, and that litter picking would be paid for by the licensee.  Also it would provide a presence in the park encouraging use and providing a degree of natural surveillance. 

     The disadvantages to neighbours may be some extra noise, smells and litter, but the Council will exercise some control over the type of catering offered.

     If you wish to make any comment on the proposal, please contact Cllr Simon Ling, who represents Village Ward in which the Recreation Ground lies, or any other Ashtead Independent Councillor.