1. Re-surfacing of Grange Road and Ottways Lane

    Surrey Highways are about to re-surface both Grange Road and Ottways Lane over the coming weeks. Preliminary works will take place on 17th – 22nd August under two way traffic control with the resurfacing works commencing on the 23th August for a duration of five days under a road closure. The resurfacing work will involve day time road closures and diversion between 09.00 – 16.30.
    Access for residents will be maintained, when safe to do so but long delays are possible.
    This is work that has been promised for many years and it is at last to be done.

  2. Parking Meters in Ashtead

    Following a meeting last week with Local Traders’ representatives, Ashtead Residents Association and your County Councillor Chris Townsend; David Curl, SCC Parking Manager, said that he was very likely to recommend that NO Parking Meters be introduced in Ashtead’s shopping areas. He had been appraised of the many concerns by those present as to the disastrous impact Parking Meters would have on the relevant shopping areas and although we had offered to do some survey work to confirm our fears as to the financial viability of their introduction, he was convinced we had a clear case and said that he thought surveys would not be necessary.

    We must await his report for September’s Local Committee, which is the start of the whole process, but the current omens look very promising that the Meters will NOT be introduced.