1. The Facts –Woodfield Lane– Tree lined avenue down to the Station

     There are stories being put out to the electorate that the Ashtead Independents want a widening of Woodfield Lane from Barnett Wood Lane down to the Station. This is being positioned as detrimental to the trees and surrounding area, whilst the Conservatives proposal of double-yellow lines is not.

    We cannot speak for the Tories but the Ashtead Independents have requested a Surrey Highways report, via County Councillor Chris Townsend, to assess a number of options to alleviate the traffic flow in the area. The report was requested last year at the Local Committee of Mole Valley (with both MVDC and Surrey CC councillors in attendance) and is due shortly. The options will certainly include double yellow lines and road widening elements but this will be amongst other possible solutions and may well have various combinations that seek to improve the situation. Surrey Highways engineers will have looked at the current layout down to the station and put forward their expert views.

    The report will be in the public domain and full consultation will be given on the options to Ashtead residents, not just those on the north side of the crossing as all village residents use both the shops and the station.

    As a result of the planning “tariff” linked to the Parsons Mead and other local developments, funds may well be available to progress this project. Certainly, whichever solution is finally agreed we must ensure that we take into account both the station development proposed by Network Rail/Southern over the coming year and what you want.

    The Ashtead Independents are very keen to ensure that relevant professionals provide the proposals needed before consultation so that it is informed rather than speculative – which is certainly the case at the moment. The outcome must be to solve problems in this area, to ensure that the tree-lined avenue remains and is unaffected, and that comprehensive consultation takes place with all Ashtead residents.

  2. Do the Ashtead Independents have influence in Mole Valley?

    We understand that there has been some doubt cast over the contribution of the Ashtead Independents to Mole Valley. Here are the facts…
    • In all but five of Mole Valley District Council’s 38 years of existence no single party or group has had overall control.
    • Over the last two years the Ashtead Independents, with FIVE seats, have held the balance between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties who have each had 18 or 17 seats.
    • In those two years the five Ashtead Independents have held the following major offices:
      • Chairman of the Council
      • Deputy Leader of the Council
      • Executive member for Property
      • Executive member for Planning
      • Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee
      • Vice-Chairman of the Audit Committee
      • Vice-Chairman of the Licensing Committee
    • In  previous years the current Ashtead Independents have also held the following offices:
      • Chairman of the Planning Committee
      • Vice-chairman of the Resources Committee
      • Chairman or Vice-Chairman of numerous panels and members’ working groups.

    No party of any persuasion has ever represented Ashtead so well for so long and we remain the best placed to do so.