1. David Howell

    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of David Howell yesterday afternoon. He served Ashtead with distinction for all of his adult life and will be greatly missed.

    Our condolences go out to his family

    David Howell 1948 -2012

  2. New leadership for the Independents

    Following the election the Ashtead Independents have chosen Simon Ling as their new Leader in place of David Howell, with John Northcott as Deputy Leader.  Simon Ling will also be Leader of the informal Independent group in the Council.

  3. Clean Sweep for Ashtead Independents

    All three Ashtead wards were won by Ashtead Independent Candidates in the elections on 3rd May.  Chris Townsend retained his seat for Ashtead Park with an increased majority, Paula Hancock took the seat for Ashtead Common previously held by David Howell with an increased majority, and Mary Cooper won the seat for Ashtead Village from Conservative Chris Reynolds with a majority of 299. You can see the profiles of your two new Councillors elsewhere on this site.  The whole team thank all those who turned out to vote for our successful candidates in the dreadful weather, and also all those who helped us in many ways over the election campaign.  The new Council will have 19 Liberal Democrats, 15 Conservatives, 6 Ashtead Independents and 1 other Independent.  It remains to be seen how the Executive will be constituted for the next two years, and all three groups will be having discussions over the next few days – watch this space!

  4. More School Places for Ashtead

    Both West Ashtead and Greville Primary schools are to have an extra reception class of 30 from September this year. This takes account of the many new families now resident in Ashtead. Other districts and boroughs have serious school place problems across Surrey. Your County Councillor, Chris Townsend, has been instrumental in getting potential ‘planning tariff’ funding from the Parsons Mead development to allow these extra places for Ashtead children. He is looking at other ways to improve our local schools with the Surrey Education officers.