1. Peter Williams – Your Independent Candidate

    On Thursday (16th) Peter Williams will be standing as an Independent Candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey. He has 17 years experience as a magistrate, has worked for 20 years in the Crime Justice System and has a made a commitment to community safety. He has also spent the last four years as Chairman of the Surrey Police Authority. He is promising to :

    • Address all aspects of anti-social behaviour
    • Give fair treatment to all residents
    • Keep Constables at the heart of policing
    • Continue to reduce crime
    • Hold the Chief Constable to account
    • Progress collaboration with neighbouring forces
    • Encourage Innovation
    • Ensure value for money
    • Improve services to crime victims

    … and keep Surrey at the top of policing

    We believe that he is worthy of your support. Please look at this link if you wish to know more




  2. Kids Club & Ashtead Youth Centre

    After some considerable discussion and negotiation the following statement has been produced. There is still more work to be done over the coming months but we have an agreed approach and some stability for the Kids Club.

    Joint statement from Surrey County Council and Ashtead Kids Club

    We want to reassure the community that the provision of Ashtead Kids Club will continue at Ashtead youth centre until suitable alternative premises are found. This joint statement sets out the background to the proposed relocation and ongoing joint work to find alternative premises.

    In December 2011, Surrey County Council agreed a policy to maximise the use of its youth centres by young people in line with the council’s legal duties. Additionally the Government has recently changed the law, requiring young people to participate in education and training up to age 18. This means that the council needs the space at
    Ashtead Youth Centre to support, educate and train young people who are not in education, employment or training.

    Whilst Surrey County Council is increasing support for young people through the use of youth centres, this does present a policy tension and is necessarily balanced with other duties, such as the duty to secure sufficient childcare to meet local need. The county council will not therefore act in a way which reduces childcare in Ashtead.
    Ashtead Kids Club will continue to operate at the youth centre until a suitable new location has been found. The value that the club provides to the community is recognised and we wish to remind all residents that we will continue to work collaboratively to explore options and to find a solution.

    Yours Sincerely

    Garath Symonds                    Chris Townsend                                        Louise Ditrana
    Assistant Director                 County Councillor                                   Ashtead Kids Club for Young People