1. Corrections to the MIS-INFORMATION contained within the recent Conservative Election material

    Just a few points on the subject of the possible development along the Leatherhead – by – pass :-

    1. Merton College, who are driving these proposals, own 70% of the land involved and could put forward proposals whether Mole Valley land were included or not. Merton College land is green belt – Mole Valley’s is NOT green belt ;

    2. The Allotments at Leatherhead Road alongside the Ashtead Hospital are TOTALLY safe. They are ‘STATUTORY’ allotments and any change would require either a Secretary of State approval and/or an Act of Parliament – Mole Valley DC has NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER to sell or move these allotments ;

    3. Should the BW allotments move, the ONLY access would be via Barnett Wood Lane, alongside the motorway in the field containing ponies/horses. This field is NOT involved in any other way. The end of Links Road will NOT be opened up NOR will Caenwood Road be used ;

    4. The decision on the marketing exercise was taken by 3 Conservatives and 3 Ashtead Independents who are the Mole Valley Executive. The Portfolio Holder fronting MVDC’s involvement is also a Conservative –  however any decision on this issue will effectively be taken by ALL 41 councillors of Mole Valley DC ;

    5. Finally, this is COMPLETELY a Mole Valley DC issue (MVDC elections are next year 2014) – Surrey CC have NO involvement whatsoever and have no jurisdiction on this matter which is why I did not refer to it in my election leaflet.

    I trust this clarifies the situation – this is a SURREY CC ELECTION.

  2. Surrey Election – Chris Townsend on “Highways”

    Chris has worked hard to get Ashtead a fair share of the highways budget and there is more to come.

    • As a result of his efforts, Culverhay, Links Road and Greville Park Avenue are due to be re-surfaced during 2013/2014. Parts of Grays Lane and of Epsom Road/Leatherhead Road will also be included on this list.

    • The Priors is due for re-surfacing in 2014/2015, with Oakfield Road, Broadhurst and Oakhill Road/Green Lane due the following year.

    • Crampshaw Lane, Parkers Lane, Read Road, Stag Leys, Taylor Road and West Farm Avenue will all benefit from repair and surface treatment.

    These improvements form part of a new Surrey Highways programme that he has supported to ensure that Ashtead is included in all future Highways budgets.

    • Regarding flooding, he has pressed Surrey Highways to work with Thames Water to solve the problems at the Ashtead Cricket Club and in Barnett Wood Lane. This work is ongoing.

    • Parking restrictions and yellow lines are planned for Barnett Wood Lane, Meadow Road/ Bramley Way and possibly Craddocks Avenue during 2013/14. In Barnett Wood Lane this is likely to take the form of restricted parking to enable school children to be dropped off  and to allow shoppers to use Craddocks Parade but not to benefit commuters coming into Ashtead. He is also going to approach Network Rail, once the station and car park work is completed, with a view to them reviewing their parking charges.

    • Finally he is bidding for a pilot 20mph scheme on the roads surrounding two of our schools, St Giles Infant School and City of London Freemens, the aim being to create a safer environment for school children and their parents.


  3. 479 Bus – Sunday trial

    The Sunday service on our 479 bus route is half way through its trial  period.    It runs every two hours on the route between Bookham and Epsom. The first service towards Bookham passes Ashtead Pond at 7:57, and the first towards Epsom passes the pond at 9:28. It’s a service that many would like to keep but it’s a case of ‘use it or lose it’, so please take advantage of it!


    Just heard from Abdool that the Pharmacy in The Street has been approved. BRILLIANT NEWS

    Abdool says –

    ‘I am elated to let you know that NHS England ( Surrey & Sussex) has considered and approved my application. I only got the news this afternoon. As you know we have been waiting for this outcome for over 13 months now and I am grateful  to you all for the continuous support you’ve shown over this very difficult time.
    I am especially grateful to all at Ashtead Residents Association, Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Councillors Cooper, Hancock, Ling, Northcott and Chris Townsend. Also thank you to my two local GP practices, U3A, Ashtead Good Neighbours and all the residents of Ashtead who have written in. All the letters have not been in vain.
    I have served the residents of Ashtead for over 15 years and I feel honoured and humbled to serve you all for many more years to come, God Willing.
    The new premises has been worth waiting for as it will allow me to deliver extended services and will be of the first ‘ Healthy Living Pharmacy’ in Surrey. There is still a lot of work to be done as we enter the 30 days due process and I am confident the contract will be secured and the Village will have its Pharmacy back.’
    Wonderful news for ALL Ashtead Residents.

  5. Woodfield Lane congestion

    More progress has been made in the past eight months than in the previous eight years.    Surrey Highways undertook a consultation last autumn on possible solutions to the increasingly dangerous and frustrating traffic congestion in the tree-lined section of Woodfield Lane between Barnett Wood Lane and the level crossing.

    Detailed designs for three options were shown, the most favoured of which was for widening the road to allow two-way traffic as well as parking.  The parking would be for a limited time so as to benefit shoppers and dog walkers, but deter commuters who will have access to a considerably expanded car park at the station. However, several issues remain to be addressed before a final decision can be taken, including the necessity of ensuring that the iconic avenue of trees is not damaged.

    We are most grateful to all who participated in this consultation exercise as this congestion affects so many Ashtead residents.