1. Our recent Newsletter

    We have been pleased to receive a number of favourable comments on our recent Newsletter (March 2018 edition), and we have also received some interesting comments, particularly on the subject of parking in Ashtead.  Suggestions vary from the introduction of parking meters to the expansion of Zone 6 by Network Rail. We would be happy to continue to receive such ideas and we will consider and evaluate them in the coming months.  If any seem likely to gain wide support we will press for their introduction.

    One respondent felt that we should have included a piece about the state of our roads and the number of potholes, which have of course been increased and enlarged by recent weather conditions.  Despite this omission we, and especially our County Councillor, continue to press for the road maintenance programme to be accelerated and enhanced, but sadly the response is always that the budgetary constraints are tight. The County Council does however have a duty to maintain road safety so please continue to report any potholes you encounter through the SCC telephone hotline (0300 200 1003) or website (www.surreycc.gov.uk/contact-us).  Please note that you need to have precise details of the location, size of hole and condition when you make your report.