1. Woodfield Lane, the new flats

    Residents may have noticed that work has commenced on the new apartments at the foot of Woodfield Lane by the shops. At the moment the work seems to be demolition of some kind.

    Having raised this with the Council, Local Ashtead Independent Councillor and Cabinet Member for Planning Policy, David Harper reports:-

    “It would appear that not all the pre-commencement conditions that the Inspector imposed when granting planning permission have been discharged notwithstanding what appears to have been the commencement of development, (i.e. demolition).

    Given the history of the site and the sensitivities around it, a Temporary Stop Notice has been drafted. It is with the Legal Team at the moment for checking. It is proposed to serve it tomorrow (Friday). The Temporary Stop Notice lasts for 28 days during which no development should take place. In the meantime we will ask for the pre-commencement conditions to be discharged.”

    David later reported that when Enforcement Officers first went to serve the Stop Notice there was no-one on site, and it is a pre-requisite of the Notice that it must be served personally, not just left.

    If any resident sees work being undertaken on the site please let the Webmaster or Council Planning Enforcement Officials (01306 885001) know as soon as possible in order that the Stop Notice can be served.

    The other factor being viewed is the seemingly permanent position of vans within the parking bays outstaying their allotted stay time. This too has been raised with the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers.

    We can’t stop the building going ahead as plans were agreed by the Planning Inspectorate, despite having been unanimously rejected by the Council’s Development Control Committee, but we endeavour to ensure all the requirements and conditions of the plans are fully enforced and that residents are inconvenienced as little as possible.