1. The Woodfield: Securing the Woodfield from future incursions

    Independent Councillor, David Hawksworth has followed up on the measures he instigated to secure the Recreation Ground by turning attention to the Wood Field.

    As a part of the programme of works he initiated in the summer to make Council properties more secure from potential future incursions, he wishes to advise you that it is planned to start work on the Wood Field on Thursday 6 December.

    Following work already done on the Recreation Ground, works are now to be carried out to The Woodfield itself On Barnett Wood Lane and Woodfield Lane. The rotten posts will be replaced and additional posts installed (on the Craddocks Parade Corner).

    The most obvious works, though, will be along the side of Woodfield Road (the western boundary) where, rather than replacing the large number of rotten posts along this boundary, a ‘ditch and bund’ is to be dug all along the boundary.

    The ditch and bund will be inside the current line of posts and not cross obvious footpath lines or where there are large trees. The bund will be seeded in due course, and in time it will grass over, just as the other sections of the ditch already on the site opposite the pond. It is anticipated that the works will take two to three days to complete, and the ditch digging works are to be carried out off of the road, so no disruption to traffic is anticipated.

    Cllr D L Hawksworth CBE (Cabinet Member for Well-being; Ashtead Common Ward)