The Ashtead Independents are the Independent Councillors representing the three Ashtead Wards on Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council. Ashtead Independents is a registered political party but has no rules, no manifesto and certainly no party whip;  and only exists so that candidates for election can identify themselves as Ashtead Independent on the ballot paper.

We, the majority of Ashtead residents and the Ashtead Residents’ Association consider that National party politics has no place in local councils.  It creates unnecessary antagonisms and divisiveness, and tends to prevent a proportion of members of the council from being able to exercise full influence on behalf of their constituents.

In this site we introduce ourselves and try to keep you up to date with current issues affecting Ashtead.  Please use it to contact us to ask questions, to ask for help, to offer assistance in our campaigns, or especially if you would like to join us!

Please see our “Flyer”:    AI flyer August 2018