Elections and candidates

Mole Valley District Council has 41 Councillors and 21 Wards. In Ashtead there are three Wards, Ashtead Park, to the South of Epsom Road and Ottways Lane, Ashtead Common, to the North of Craddocks Avenue and Barnett Wood Lane, and Ashtead Village, between the other two.  Park and Common have two Councillors each; Village, which is rather bigger, has three.  All three wards together form the Ashtead Division for Surrey County Council elections, and elect one County Councillor.

All Councillors are elected for a four year term.  In one year, the only election is for the Surrey County Council seat.  In the next year, there are elections for one District Councillor in each ward.  In the third year, there is an election in Village Ward only, and in the fourth all District wards again.

At the moment (May 2016) Ashtead Independents hold the County seat, both seats in Common and Park wards, and two of the three seats in Village ward.  The third is held by a Conservative, who comes up for re-election in May 2019.

We have no reserve or waiting list for potential candidates, and it is up to anybody who is interested in being an Independent Councillor to decide whether to stand or not.  As a Party, we have the right to decide who will be allowed to use the label “Ashtead Independent” but there is no entry qualification other than the fact that you must agree to be independent of any National political party.

If you are considering or might be interested in standing, please get in touch with us.  We can offer plenty of advice and answer your questions, and help you with your campaign. We would also be pleased to hear from anybody thinking of standing elsewhere, particularly in Mole Valley but other places too. We have links with the Independent Network, which can offer plenty of support.

Updated 7.5.16