1. 2010 – All change at Mole Valley

    There was an increase in Ashtead Independents representation on the Council in May with the return of John Northcott (Common Ward), also elected as Chairman of the Council for 2010/2011, and the election of Richard Brooke (Park Ward) and Simon Ling (Village Ward). These successes have led to some fundamental changes in the way Mole Valley District Council operates.

    Ashtead Independents now hold the balance of power on the Council and we are committed to supporting greater transparency and community involvement in all decisions made. Our hopes of creating a truly cross-party coalition to face the difficult times ahead, and to reflect the political¬† choices made by the electorate were initially dashed by those entrenched in “party politics”.

    Whilst this initial setback was disappointing, we eventually supported the appointment of a new Conservative administration based on their agreement to deliver a more open culture, create cross-party working groups for policy development and listen to local residents’ views on the issues that have a direct impact on their lives.

    As we move into 2011 the promised changes are being delivered and have allowed local members to play a far more active role in the running of the Council. Our commitment to this style of administration will continue as we believe that it is the only way to get the best out of the Council.