1. What happened to that late train?

    For some year’s the absence of a service post midnight back to Ashtead has been a source of great frustration to residents. We promised to look into the matter and it did look as if we were going to be able to deliver a much need benefit to the community.

    However, at the 11th hour it seems that this is not the case. The reason is simple but merely increases the sense of frustration. There is agreement to run a late service to Sutton, along tracks that are run by the South East division of Network Rail Рhowever the stretch that runs from Epsom to Dorking and Effingham Junction is run by the Wessex division. They are adamant that they need the extra hour to untake vital maintenance work and therefore will not entertain the proposal.

    We will continue to press for them to change their minds and keep you updated on any progress that we might make.