1. Re-surfacing of Grange Road and Ottways Lane

    Surrey Highways are about to re-surface both Grange Road and Ottways Lane over the coming weeks. Preliminary works will take place on 17th – 22nd August under two way traffic control with the resurfacing works commencing on the 23th August for a duration of five days under a road closure. The resurfacing work will involve day time road closures and diversion between 09.00 – 16.30.
    Access for residents will be maintained, when safe to do so but long delays are possible.
    This is work that has been promised for many years and it is at last to be done.

  2. Re-Surfacing of Ottways Lane & Grange Road

    Surrey Highways have recently informed County Councillor Chris Townsend that both Ottways Lane and Grange Road will be re-surfaced this Summer 2011. The work will be done during the School holidays; when more detail is known about dates etc. residents will be notified. Also being introduced in Ottways Lane will be a ‘Pinch Point’ – ie. a narrowing of the road at the location of the Old Cottage by widening the pavement to ensure that only one car can pass at a time. There will be Red and Black arrow signs positioned appropriately to notify drivers of the priorities, plus other signs positioned at specific points to ensure that Coaches/Buses/Lorries etc. will know that they cannot pass through at that point. This should provide a reduction in traffic speed in Ottways Lane, something residents have been after for some time.

    The costs for this work are coming out of Surrey Highways Funds, both these roads being designated as ‘high priority’ by Cllr. Townsend. This money is in no way associated with the Parsons Mead development. The Infrastructure funds that the developer has had to provide for that development are therefore available for use locally. Two suggestions have been made so far, one being to sort out flooding issues in the area and the second to potentially provide ‘intelligent’ signage at the corner of Ottways Lane and Grange Road to alleviate traffic congestion/flow. Any further ideas/thoughts are very welcome.

  3. Ottways Lane and developer contributions – an open response to Councillor Hunt

    You may have received a letter recently from Councillor Chris Hunt concerning the Parsons Mead development and potential funds becoming available for community use.  We would like to correct the misrepresentations in that letter of the Ashtead Independents’ position regarding resurfacing work in Ottways Lane and Grange Road.

    This work is still the top priority for Ashtead as far as Surrey Highways is concerned and would have been done this year had it not been for the redevelopments at Parsons Mead and St Andrew’s. This is because we do not want heavy lorries and other building vehicles riding over new surfaces shortly after they have been laid down. The funding for this work will come from Surrey Highways, and will probably not need any of the funds coming from Parsons Mead and St. Andrew’s developments. Chris Townsend, your Surrey County Councillor, has confirmed with Surrey Highways that Ottways Lane and Grange Road are still the top priority for Ashtead.
    The Ashtead Independents’ newsletter clearly states that £60,000 is already earmarked for the works in the vicinity of the level crossing and suggests that more may become available from the Parsons Mead development – but only a fraction of that money might be used. We are pushing hard for this work to be done as it benefits a vast number of Ashtead residents who use the station as well as those who live the other side of the railway.  Of course the Parsons Mead development will itself generate greater use of the station car park and approaches.

    We agree that the Parsons Mead and St Andrew’s money should be used for improvements locally and in Ashtead. Other than the road improvements mentioned above, we would be very interested to hear your views on what you consider the funds, when they become available, should be used for in your vicinity.

    How many local residents would welcome the installation of pavements in Agates Lane and Skinners Lane, even if such a development was feasible?  Would it not accelerate the decline of Ashtead’s village character?

    We hope this clarifies the Ashtead Independents’ position on this subject, but if you have any concerns please contact either Simon Ling (Village Ward) or Richard Brooke and Chris Townsend (Park Ward), your ward councillors.  We will try to keep you updated as events occur either directly or through our website.