1. Ashtead Street Traders Evening

    The Ashtead Street traders will be holding their usual pre-Christmas late shopping evening on Tuesday 12 December. We are pleased to say that the Peace Memorial Hall car park will be free from 2.00 pm that afternoon.

    All MVDC car parks will also be free from noon on the three Saturdays before Christmas.

  2. Parking Meters in Ashtead

    Following a meeting last week with Local Traders’ representatives, Ashtead Residents Association and your County Councillor Chris Townsend; David Curl, SCC Parking Manager, said that he was very likely to recommend that NO Parking Meters be introduced in Ashtead’s shopping areas. He had been appraised of the many concerns by those present as to the disastrous impact Parking Meters would have on the relevant shopping areas and although we had offered to do some survey work to confirm our fears as to the financial viability of their introduction, he was convinced we had a clear case and said that he thought surveys would not be necessary.

    We must await his report for September’s Local Committee, which is the start of the whole process, but the current omens look very promising that the Meters will NOT be introduced.

  3. Surrey Tories refuse debate on On-Street Parking charges !!

    At today’s Surrey County Council meeting, 2 motions were put forward – one by the Independent/RA group and one by the Liberal Democrat group – asking that the Council debate the issue of On-Street Parking charges as proposed by the Conservative Administration. Both motions were refused that debate by all Conservative Councillors present – voting being 46 against the motions with 23 for the motions. The Tory Administration claimed that consultation was ongoing and now was not the time for a debate. Any ideas on the best way forward to implement these charges would be considered for each Borough/District.  It was pointed out that over 30,000 signatures had now been received through various petitions across the whole of Surrey stating their opposition to what is being proposed.

    Both motions were referred to the Transportation Select Committee due to meet on May 13th for recommendations to go to the Cabinet meeting in June. It does need to be said that both these meetings are AFTER the Local Elections due on May 5th and one wonders whether that was a key factor in the decisions made at Full Council today!!

    Chris Townsend, Surrey County Councillor for Ashtead, is speaking to local Ashtead Traders tonight (Tuesday) on the latest situation and Ashtead Independents will continue to fight these disgraceful proposals that will harm both the local economy of Surrey but also all the local traders in our villages and towns.

    Further updates will be put on our website as and when they occur.