1. Enhancement works at Ashtead Pond

    The following is now on the Mole Valley District Council website:

    Enhancement works are to begin at Ashtead Pond. The works, which are being undertaken to improve the water quality and appearance of the pond, are due to begin during the last week of October and are expected to last for approximately three weeks.

    Specialist contractor Aquamaintain has been appointed by Mole Valley District Council to dredge the pond and introduce wetland plants designed to help filter the water entering it, as well as improving its general appearance and providing a better environment for fish, plants, birds and insects.

    There are also plans to manage pollard trees and cut back some of the surrounding vegetation, with some of the work carried out by volunteers led by the Lower Mole Countryside Management Project. The Lower Mole Countryside Management Project has previously worked with volunteers to carry out a variety of improvement projects in the urban fringe around Ashtead, Leatherhead and Bookham.

    The enhancement works are being funded by developer contributions which have been set aside to enhance the environment in and around Ashtead. Other improvements are planned once the main works to the pond have been completed, including new seating and litter bins

    Those interested in volunteering their time to assist with managing the vegetation around the pond are invited to attend a volunteer day which is planned for 17th November.

    Speaking about the importance of enhancement works for Ashtead Pond Cllr James Friend, Portfolio-Holder for the Environment, said:

    “Ashtead Pond and its surroundings are used and enjoyed by a wide variety of people every day and the site is an important local landmark. We welcome the opportunity to work with local people to carry out some much needed improvements that will benefit local residents and the wildlife of the area. Mole Valley District Council is committed to preserving the character of our countryside and urban areas. The works at Ashtead Pond are part of this commitment.”

    If you are interested in volunteering to help with the project please contact Rod Shaw, Principal Conservation Officer at Mole Valley District Council, by e-mail at rod.shaw@molevalley.gov.uk

  2. Barnett Wood Lane Recreation Ground – voting results!

    The results of ‘Save a Space for Me’ are in following the nomination of three open spaces in Mole Valley to become Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields in 2012!  Here they are for the three sites with Ashtead Recreation Ground topping the list with a whopping 473 votes of support:

    Ashtead Recreation Ground  473 votes

    Cock Lane Recreation Ground 119  votes

    Cradhurst Recreation Ground 117 votes

    The full nationwide sets of results are accessible through the link below, and you’ll see Ashtead fared very well.  The results have yet to be collated into a national league table but Fields in Trust are working on this.



  3. Barnett Wood Lane Recreation Ground

    The following announcement is currently on the Mole Valley District Council website http://www.molevalley.gov.uk.  If you are proud of our recreation ground in Ashtead and would like to see its preservation and enhancement even more assured than it is already, then please visit www.qe2fields.com as described below and vote for Ashtead.

    Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is delighted to be participating in The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, which is being headed by its patron the Duke of Cambridge. MVDC is
    working in partnership with Fields in Trust to support their goal of protecting outdoor recreational spaces by 2012 as a permanent, tangible legacy from both The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics.

    Fields in Trust is the only independent UK-wide organisation dedicated to protecting and improving outdoor
    space for sport, play and recreation and aims to ensure that everyone – young or old, living in an urban or rural area, able or disabled – has free, local facilities for healthy outdoor activities.

    MVDC has nominated three sites to become Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields: Ashtead Recreation Ground, Cradhurst Recreation Ground, Westcott and Cock Lane Recreation Ground, Fetcham. If accepted by Fields in Trust, the sites will be dedicated and protected as playing fields for the purposes of outdoor sport, play and recreation and would be open to a greater range of external grant funding if local community groups
    are willing to get involved.

    For four weeks only, from Tuesday 18 October to Tuesday 15 November, residents are being invited to visit www.qe2fields.com and show their support for the green spaces that have been nominated by MVDC by
    clicking ‘Save a Space for Me’.


  4. Refreshment stall proposal for the Recreation Ground

    As a result of this consultation and in the light of the comments received, Councillor Chris Reynolds, the Portfolio Holder for the Environment, has agreed that this application will not proceed.  Thank you to all who responded to our request for views.

    Comments are invited urgently on a proposal currently being considered.

     The Council has received an approach from a catering company who wish to have a licence to operate a refreshment stall and/or an ice cream van on the recreation ground.  The Council often receives requests for such a facility on the site and there is no doubt it would be a popular amenity for users of the Recreation ground. 

    The proposed terms are for a daily service, between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm, the vehicles to be removed overnight. They would be located adjacent to the tennis courts in the corner of that section of the ground nearest the football pitches, which is currently unused.

     The advantages apart from the extra amenity are a small additional income to the council, and that litter picking would be paid for by the licensee.  Also it would provide a presence in the park encouraging use and providing a degree of natural surveillance. 

     The disadvantages to neighbours may be some extra noise, smells and litter, but the Council will exercise some control over the type of catering offered.

     If you wish to make any comment on the proposal, please contact Cllr Simon Ling, who represents Village Ward in which the Recreation Ground lies, or any other Ashtead Independent Councillor.