1. Refreshment stall proposal for the Recreation Ground

    As a result of this consultation and in the light of the comments received, Councillor Chris Reynolds, the Portfolio Holder for the Environment, has agreed that this application will not proceed.  Thank you to all who responded to our request for views.

    Comments are invited urgently on a proposal currently being considered.

     The Council has received an approach from a catering company who wish to have a licence to operate a refreshment stall and/or an ice cream van on the recreation ground.  The Council often receives requests for such a facility on the site and there is no doubt it would be a popular amenity for users of the Recreation ground. 

    The proposed terms are for a daily service, between the hours of 8.00 am and 6.00 pm, the vehicles to be removed overnight. They would be located adjacent to the tennis courts in the corner of that section of the ground nearest the football pitches, which is currently unused.

     The advantages apart from the extra amenity are a small additional income to the council, and that litter picking would be paid for by the licensee.  Also it would provide a presence in the park encouraging use and providing a degree of natural surveillance. 

     The disadvantages to neighbours may be some extra noise, smells and litter, but the Council will exercise some control over the type of catering offered.

     If you wish to make any comment on the proposal, please contact Cllr Simon Ling, who represents Village Ward in which the Recreation Ground lies, or any other Ashtead Independent Councillor.